iconsWhat is Ray?

Ray is a user-interface library for WeWork.com and auxiliary properties. Our mission is to create a beautiful and accessible kit of UI/UX tools with incredible developer experience.

iconsI thought WeWork already had a design system?

The technology team at WeWork has developed many design systems over the years. Ray is the first of its kind to be completely framework-agnostic and unopinionated in its technical implementation.

iconsWho maintains Ray?

Design is led by WeWork designers, Dana Ballasy. Engineering lead by Growth Tech and Core Platform.

iconsWhere can I get help?

If you are a WeWork employee, you can join our slack channel #ray-design-system. Otherwise, you can get involved on our GitHub issues.

If you have a security or legal concern please email ray@wework.com.

iconsWhat is the purpose of having a storybook and a documentation website?

The storybook acts as a workshop for developers to iterate on features. The documentation site serves as a "store-front" for consumers of Ray to understand its value and start using it with as much ease as possible.